Return to Base is an innovative facility where veterans and their families can learn the skills and techniques to carry out their next mission - living full and productive lives after the military.


When veterans leave military service, they often find themselves searching for a purpose and missing the strong bonds formed between their former teammates. More than a decade and a half of an increasingly-forgotten war has driven a wedge between veterans and the society they served; it is difficult for veterans to identify with civilian life, and difficult for employers, schools, and family to understand the experience of combat.

Without a clear sense of purpose, many veterans struggle to find meaning in their lives outside of the military. To make matters worse, they find themselves without their former support network of teammates and facing a bureaucratic nightmare of red tape. Some veterans adapt to the change immediately, but most experience anger, depression, angst, and find themselves seeking danger or turning to drugs and alcohol to treat their symptoms.


Nearly one half (45%) of Post 9-11 Veterans report having a difficult time reentering civilian life after their service. This percentage increases if the veteran has experienced trauma or served in combat. With around three million post-911 era veterans, it’s estimated that 1.3 million men and women who have served our nation are struggling to find a place in the civilian world. These veterans typically have higher healthcare costs and greater unemployment rates than other veterans.

Post 9-11 veterans also have a higher unemployment rate (5.1%) compared to non-veterans (4.7%). While the unemployment rate has fallen for veterans, many of these veterans are underemployed, often because they cannot effectively translate and communicate their skills to civilian employers. Two in five (44%) veterans leave their first job after the military within one year - while our vets are finding work, they’re not finding the right work for them.

During their time in the military, service members lead a life of purpose and direction. We believe that veterans need to find a similar sense of purpose when they leave the service. They need to reconnect with family and with themselves. They need a support cell to help them adapt and overcome the new challenges they face outside of the military, including access to services. They need to understand what their options are and how to use their skills and experience to make those options a reality. While there are plenty of organizations which help veterans, existing programs often focus on the material needs of veterans - homes, clothing, cars - or on larger societal issues, like veteran suicide rates. These are certainly important, but we believe that a significant gap exists between the need of veterans to reintegrate into society and the resources which help them do so.

Return to Base is building a bridge across that gap.

Our Solution

Return to Base (RTB) provides a safe and secure location for veterans and their families to receive services and training programs which will enable them to more successfully reintegrate into society.

We provide a safe, secure, and relaxing environment as well as access to VA benefits counselors, marriage/relationship counseling, wellness programs, fitness and exercise programs, financial planning classes, lifelong learning classes, and more. We also have partnered with industry leaders to help veterans receive the training they need to enter the job force. While at RTB, our veterans will have access to physical therapy, therapeutic massage, yoga, acupuncture, mindfulness practice, and meditation training to help relieve stress. They’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities in and around our compound, including wilderness hikes, rafting expeditions, mountain biking, and fishing. We provide childcare so that parents can have some time to themselves.

We help veterans and their families prepare for their next mission - living a successful and productive life.